What to do on your lunch hour?

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You hardly ever leave the office during lunch because it’s difficult to tear yourself away from your desk and your work in the middle of the day. But summer is knocking on our doors, so let’s get out a little! Here are several ideas for some great lunchtime activities.

1. Getting some exercise

Are you the type who needs physical exertion to relax? Then you have several possibilities. There are a number of gyms downtown that offer personalized programs. Yoga lovers can go to Ashtanga Yoga Montréal for classes at different levels, or do some hot yoga at Enso Yoga, which offers three different versions (Pilates, flow and barre). Do you like classes, but your motivation diminishes when alone? Join one of the exercise groups offered by renowned trainer Dorys Langlois. You’ll improve your technique, and attaining your objectives is definitely stimulating.

2. Strolling through the park

Sometimes, when you’re asking yourself what to do, the answer is simply to get out of the office. Grab your sunglasses and a magazine or book—looking at your phone is out of the question—and there you go! If you want to stretch out on a bench, opt for Dorchester Square (where there are sometimes musical performances) or, a little to the south, there’s the Place du Canada. Several blocks away, an oasis of tranquility is hiding between the Promenades de la Cathédrale and the KPMG Tower. A stretch of lawn between Saint Patrick’s Basilica and the Canadian Olympic House also welcomes diners who are willing to sit on the grass.

3. Seeing an exhibit

Taking in the arts little by little is a great strategy. From June 5 to October 29, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is offering an outdoor exhibition on rue Sherbrooke. La Balade pour la Paix: An Open-Air Museum, will display 67 sculptural and photographic works from Canadian and international artists. If the weather is less appealing, you can visit small galleries that only present one temporary exhibit at a time. That’s the case for the CIRCA Art Actuel center, located in the Belgo building, and the FOFA Gallery (Concordia University).

4. Finding the perfect gift

Going shopping on your lunch hour helps you limit the amount of time you spend searching for gifts and means you get to avoid the dreaded Saturday shopping spree, going from one boutique to the next without finding anything you like! And you can’t underestimate how relaxing it is to go shopping—for the legs and the mind! The Bay, Simons, and other shopping centres offer numerous fashion accessories and items for the home. Looking for beauty products ? Kiehl’s and Anthropologie are definitely for you. Want to find some unique decorative objects or jewelry? The Complexe Desjardins and museum stores all have plenty of artistic and artisanal pieces that are often locally made.


TEXT: Isabelle Léger


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