Rien n’arrête la Sainte-Catherine! (There’s no stopping La Sainte-Catherine… during the holiday season!)

  • No to be missed

The holiday season has finally arrived on La Sainte-Catherine! With the rehabilitation of infrastructures now complete and work operations on hold for the winter, Montréal’s commercial strip promises to be as festive and dazzling as ever. So, put on your coats and tuques, everyone, and set a course for downtown!

The Christmas spirit is in the air, and the city’s iconic thoroughfare, as it does each year, is sure to enchant and immerse you in the magic of the holiday season. Admire the illuminated Christmas tree a stone’s throw from the corner of McGill College, attend the always popular Santa Claus Parade on November 23, or feast your ears on the music of the Village_XP choirs!

Adorned in its finest Christmas attire, La Sainte-Catherine is well worth the visit. No fewer than 1,200 destinations await you. Behind the colourful and lively storefront windows, you’ll find a little something for all tastes!

Restaurants, boutiques, department stores, hotels, activities… La Sainte-Catherine is the ideal place to celebrate and pamper the people you love.

Work operations will pick up again in the spring to restore La Sainte-Catherine’s lustre in full. Stay informed on the steps to come by visiting the Web site for the Sainte-Catherine Ouest redevelopment project.

Happy holidays!


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