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Warm summer days and bustling terraces bring with them the desire to discover the latest cocktail concoctions. We’ve put together a list of our four favourite places to go to add a little “cheers” to our day! 


No need to wait until happy hour before heading to this classic American-style diner for a drink. Grouped by theme, the 60 or so cocktails offered on the menu are affordable pretty much every day of the week. Wednesday nights are all about Hollywood glam with discounts on some A-list drinks. Set against a backdrop of fuchsia lights and a wall of bottles, watch as the barman whips up a refreshing Sweet Craig—a tasty tribute to the latest James Bond, Mr. Daniel Craig himself. For the full diner and dive experience, slip into one of the patent leather booths and order one of the house’s famous spiked milkshakes. Served with a straw and topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream, you’re sure to enjoy it right down to the very last drop!   

1425, rue Stanley  /  devilledinerbar.com


Taverne Square Dominion

Taverne Square Dominion, a remnant of what was originally a hotel/restaurant way back in 1927, still resonates with the whimsical vibe of yesteryear. People flock to the Taverne for its ambience, vintage charm, impeccable service and selection of delectable cocktails invented six years ago by owner Alexandre Baldwin. First-timers are encouraged to try the house’s specialty: a rye-based drink dubbed the Canadian Old Fashion. This signature cocktail is the perfect mix of spicy angostura bitters, Morello cherry purée and homemade kirsch. And if you’re a lover of gin, you can’t leave without first trying the Taverne’s very own, homemade tonic. Ask for a shot on the side and try identifying the 15 ingredients used to make this delicious elixir before ordering the classic gin and tonic. Then, sit back and sip your drink as a poster advertising 25-cent cigar boxes takes you back in time . . .

1243, rue Metcalfe  /  taverndominion.com



Once you’ve barely sat down at the bar in this downtown enchanted forest you’ll already be warned to not get too attached to the cocktails! As the kitchen menu (composed of local ingredients) changes with the seasons, so too does the cocktail menu. Every few months, Montreal mixologist Andrew Whibley whips up some trendy (and highly sought-after!) seasonal drinks, complete with local ingredients like a drop of pine syrup or a handful of fresh berries. We’d love to recommend the Liberty Bell (the house’s take on a Negroni, but with a grapefruit twist), or even the Civil Union (a delicious citrusy drink served with fresh mint), but there are no guarantees they’ll be on the menu next time you go!

1106, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest  /  soubois.ca


Taverne Midway

Once upon a time, Taverne Midway was well known for its country ambience and slot machines, but two years ago the place got a facelift and today it’s looking better than ever! With charming brick walls and a staff that knows how to party, believe us when we say that this place, in the heart of Quartier des spectacles, is the place to go for your next 5 à 7. Taverne Midway has perfected the art of the classic cocktail. Try the Dark and Stormy—served in a highball with lots of ice and a touch of ginger—or be adventurous and ask the bartender to whip you up le cocktail du moment. We did and the herb-infused bourbon drink we were served was definitely well worth the detour. 

1219, boul. Saint-Laurent



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