The Montréal centre_ville Awards : a successful evening!

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The Montréal centre_ville Awards pay homage to individuals, events, and commercial activities that contribute to making Montréal—and particularly its downtown core—a vibrant place to live and visit. On September 18, the awards have been handed out to four worthy recipients.

Every year, Destination centre-ville hands out four awards to pay homage to individuals, events, and commercial activities that contribute to the development of Montreal's city. This year, the Montréal centre_ville Awards was held at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts last September 18. A lot of businesspeople have come to discover the recipient's names and, at the same time, to celebrate Destination centre-ville's 20th anniversary.

A brand-new trophy

To fete its 20th birthday in style, Destination centre-ville designed a brand-new trophy for the Montréal centre_ville Awards. The special edition by Montréal shop Kotmo was inspired by downtown architecture as well as its iconic streets, extensive underground network, and tall buildings.

The Tribute Award

The Tribute Award recognizes an individual who has contributed to the development of the city. This year, the award has been earned by Nathalie Bondil, Director General and Chief Curator of the MMFA, for her exceptional dynamism and extraordinary vision of what museum art means in Montréal today.

The Commercial Development Award

The Commercial Development Award honours a downtown Montreal entrepreneur from the retail, restaurant, hotel and event industries whose work stands out from that of their peers. This year, the award has been earned by Andrew Lutfy, President & CEO of Carbonleo, for his commitment to, and involvement with Four Seasons Montréal.

The Public Service Award

The Public Service Award celebrates the efforts of an individual involved in the public or institutional sector who has contributed to promoting Montréal around the world. This year, the prize was awarded to Yves Lalumière, CEO of Tourisme Montréal, for his talent at making Montréal shine.

The Event Award

The Event Award singles out an event, show, or demonstration that generated a lot of buzz, and got the attention of those in charge at Destination centre-ville and Montréal centre_ville. This year, the award has been earned by Nima Jalalvandi, Founder of Expo Entrepreneurs, for his enthusiastic and hard-working spirit.



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