Gary Carter to get his wax statue in Grevin Museum

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Baseball fans will be thrilled to learn that one of the most charismatic and greatest baseball players from Montreal Expos will be soon arriving in Grevin Museum. "The kid" should be exposed at the museum in June 2017.

Sculptor Stéphane Barret is currently working on Carter's statue at the Paris workshop. "We are very honored to welcome in the museum this legendary player, who has marked both the history of baseball and Montreal", says Kathleen Payette, General Manager at Grévin Montreal. "With the support of the Carter family, including Mrs Sandy Carter, his wife for more than 37 years, and the help of precious collaborators from the baseball universe, we are building the statue mainly from photos" Payette explains.

"I am very touched by this tribute. Montreal always loved Gary and always made us feel comfortable here. His statue will honor his memory for may years and generations to come" says Sandy Carter.

The Kid : an emblematic figure in the history of baseball

Gary Carter has been a baseball heroe in the 80's. Best known as the "Kid", due to his legendary smile and the way he played every game like a fascinated child, Carter has been one of the ten best catchers of all time. He is one the sixteen catchers admitted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and the first Expos player ever being enthroned.

Gary Carter won the hearts of every Quebecois. The inauguration of the statue will take place as part of a new baseball inspired area in the museum.


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