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Find an exhibition, discover a good restaurant, map your bike route . . . here are seven apps that you need to download today to start experiencing downtown life in a whole new light.


Ginkgo biloba, red ash, black pine . . . the trees of Montreal will no longer be a mystery thanks to BRANCHÉ, an app that lets you identify close to 200,000 species of trees. This location-based app also lets you identify trees that are not currently listed in the repertoire or report any infected trees you come across.



VALEGOO, a new app that will be launched in the summer of 2017, allows you to hire a personal parker to park your car. Driving in circles looking for a parking spot will soon be a thing of the past! With Valegoo, all you have to do is reserve your personal parker prior to arriving in Montreal. Then, when you get downtown, simply pay the $10 fee (plus any parking fees) and your personal parker will take of the rest!



Never get lost in Montreal’s Underground City again! The MONTRÉAL SOUTERRAIN app will help you find your way, guiding you toward nearby boutiques, restaurants and events. It also offers a number of useful features: hotel reservations, sales and even job offers!



Calling all foodies! RESTOMONTREAL helps you find the best restaurants in the city based on your search criteria (price range, cuisine type, specific features, etc.). It’s easy to use and super practical!



All you cyclists out there—this app is for you! For starters, MON RÉSOVÉLO records your trips and average speed and indicates where the cycling paths in the city are. On top of all that, it transmits your data to the City of Montreal, who uses it to improve our cycling network.



A dozen exhibitions, forty or so museums . . . log on to MUSÉES MTL and find out what’s happening right here, right now. Using geolocation technology or simply your search criteria (available services, categories, etc.), this app lets you find the museum of your choice in just a few taps.



The urban gadget – 179$

SMARTHALO made its debut earlier this year. More than just a simple gadget, it’s revolutionizing the world of cycling. Sleek, stylish and equipped with night-time-activated lights, SmartHalo pairs with your phone, transforming it into your own personal assistant. It helps you navigate, lights the way in the dark, sends you notifications and tracks your cycling data. Brilliant.


Text: Julie Meert


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