Destination centre-ville launches its virtual guide on Sainte-Catherine Street

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Our virtual guide Cath will accompany you on your visit to Sainte-Catherine Street.

Destination Centre-ville officially launched its virtual guide Cath this morning, along with Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante during a visit to the Sainte-Catherine Street construction site.

Who is Cath?

Cath is a virtual guide that accompanies you on your visit to Sainte-Catherine Street. Whether you are on Sainte-Catherine to shop, eat, have a drink or look for an activity, let Cath guide you and suggest good addresses according to your interests!

To access the virtual guide, nothing could be easier:

- go to one of the panels dedicated to the interface, installed along the Sainte-Catherine Street construction site;

- access the interface using the NFC code, QR code or SMS number on the panel;

- let Cath guide you.

Like the valet service, the virtual guide Cath is part of the mitigation measures implemented by Destination Centre-ville as part of the Sainte-Catherine Street project. 

For any questions about the virtual guide, contact us!



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