Our members

Dear members of Destination centre-ville ,

You will find in this section all the information you may need. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

info@destinationcentreville.com or by phone 514 398 9438

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How to become a member?

Any shop or business office that settles in downtown Montreal automatically becomes a member . He had to pay his dues for the right to vote at the annual meeting. You are a member from January 1st and for the whole year even if you move.

How are the contributions calculated?

Each year, the SDC annual budget request to the City of Montreal. These, according to the required budget, will calculate contributions based on area , property values ​​and neighborhood. Please find more informations in Depliant SDC.

How to pay?

Is there financial assistance programs for the construction work on Sainte-Catherine Street?

If your business has been (or will be) affected by the construction work on Sainte-Catherine Street, register for our free conference that will take place on January 21st. We will present you all the financial assistance programs that have been initiated.